Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Talk-y, No Text-y

Oh dear, Syd. I know I said I need to take the phone in to have it looked at, but did you have to take it in your own hands today? Even another few weeks and I could simply "upgrade." sigh. All day with no talk, no text. I'm in withdrawl! Syd is going to have to do some extra work around the house to pay for the new phone. Sadly, because it's a PDA device, the insurance deductible is still pretty high.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sydney and Specialties

Sydney only got to participate in conformation at the CWCCA specialty last week. She came in season early, so she had to cancel out of agility. She had to get a doctor's note and everything...

A few pix of Syd from the Sunday Three Trails CWC Club of KC specialty.

I think she was a bit over the whole show scene, especially the waiting around part. But then Miss Jacque showed up with a box of crackers to share, and that made it all better!
You may have read over at the Hurrikane Chronicles that Syd won an Award of Merit at the Sunday Three Trails specialty. I was very proud of her, especially knowing that she had a long week of travel and being away from home. I showed her twice last week, once in the Megan (where she made it to the cut of the final 5 in brindle bitches- THANK you Garrett and Joanne for the pre-show wine!), and once in BOB (where she didn't do nothin'). She behaved herself in the ring and did not stress about anything. Especially when another exhibitor, in a show of stellar sportsmanship, let her dog turn and look at Syd and bark at Syd's face the entire time we waited in line. The funny thing is that Syd didn't care a bit. The only thing I heard commented about afterwards from spectators was that the only attention drawn during that round of judging was to the exhibitor who didn't seem able to control her dog. The behavior definitely got attention from people, but not from me and not from Syd.
So, on to Sunday's Three Trails specialty... Since I had shown Sydney twice that week, and I was worried she was getting tired, I wanted to give her Sunday off and call it a GREAT week. I was vetoed by Syd's "other mother" and so I handed the leash off and went and watched my dog show. I know people love to show their own dogs, but I have to say that I love watching my dog show. Whether she's the best Cardigan out there or not, it always makes me smile to see her expressions change subtly, like the "working" expression after the down and back when you say "Let's Go!" and she starts to move it out. So, I watched Jacque show Syd expertly on Sunday, and the two of them worked hard and were rewarded with an Award of Merit.

BIGGG stretch to get warmed up!

Completely focused on Miss Jacque