Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where Did the Puppies Go???

Sydney decided it was time for her to reclaim her blog, and I decided it was time to really start working with her again and getting back to training. I'm hopeful that this summer, Syd will get back to agility, and also get started in obedience.

But where did the puppies go???? No worries, the puppies have their own space, and it's right here:

So if it's [muddy] puppies you are looking for, run on over to the Hurrikane Puppy Blog!

Now I can keep the puppy blog, and Syd's blog can get back to Syd's training blog. Everything should look familiar over at the Hurrikane Puppy blog, and all the posts moved successfully.

We are officially back to our regular Sydney broadcast at the Sydney blog! There are still some housekeeping items to tidy up on both blogs, but the main content is all straightened out.