Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another 3 point major!

The photo is finally here... Sydney was entered at the Sedalia shows 4th of July weekend. On Friday the 4th, she was WB/BW/BOS over a special and won another 3 point major. Her behavior was OK, although she did act up a bit.

Saturday her behavior was better, but she couldn't get the judge to point to her, even if she had on tap shoes and broke out into a routine. Sunday she behaved VERY well, she was calm, laying down and not worried about all the other dogs. She won her class that day, but our friend Jon and his girl Rika won the points.

We'll try again in Topeka in August, but for now, Syd has gotten to go back to agility classes, and that makes her very happy!


dreameyce said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see the win pic :)

Sarah said...

Hey there! Sorry I never replied to comments, I guess I never checked to see that there were any!!! duh!

dreameyce said...

You can set it up to email you comments, if you go into account, and user options :)

coopercreek said...

That was my birthday present from Syd. Thanks Syd!!