Saturday, August 9, 2008

That's CHAMPION Miss Bossy Britches!

What? Yep, Syd finished her AKC Championship today in Minnesota. She finished with a bang, winning a 4-point major. I was very proud of her, she was much more relaxed than she was the last time I showed her, and she was better around the other dogs ringside, only mildly giving a "talking to" to another dog.

It was a whirlwind trip, driving up Friday late afternoon, and home Saturday by 6pm. But well worth it to come home with a new Champion!


dreameyce said...


NOw I need to get my nakkid bitch back into shows. I hope to enter my beanpole puppy in the fall/winter shows :)

GO SYD! Now hopefully she'll be up to a specials career in the future!

coopercreek said...

Congrats Sarah and Sydney and thanks for carrying that winning fever to Topeka and showing Cooper for his 4 point major and finishing him.

Garrett808 said...

hmm he looks oddly familiar from a previous dirty girl you! And you never told me about him LOL

well you deserved it anyway!

congrats again

Kate said...

i so meant to make it up to that show (even after i didn't enter - just to see what was going on) but it wasn't in the stars. :(

Winjammin' said... I'm slow posting here, but congrats again, and it was definitely fun competing against you and her again. We all seem to really bring out the best in each other, don't we? ;o) Syd and Emmy really brought out all the stops to try to win. I think you and I were just hanging on to the leads and letting the girls work it out for themselves!!! LOL