Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby, uh, I mean Lady, in Red

My little Breezy. Breezy-bree. Brii-Brii Want to Play.
She's really growing up, almost two years old, and today she got to go on a trip with Frankie and Nick. We met Auntie Laura in Columbia, and we took some time to take photos. Thank goodness for golf courses! It's a real treat to take photos of a Cardigan on grass and not lose all the legs! Thanks to Laura for following us around with the camera, crawling around on the ground, and getting me off the fairway before the next round of golfers came through! Breezy almost looks superimposed in the first photo, but she wasn't. It was just a beautiful green, with trees changing color in the background.
So when do I have to stop calling Syd and Bree "The Puppies?" Since I raised them here, I think they'll always be my "puppies."


Janet said...

Love seeing more pretty reds out there!!

StubbyDog said...

She's pretty! Will she be showing?

Sarah said...

Brii not sure on showing. 1. She's my homechicken, and B. she had a bwoke wite weg as a baby, so her widdle foot is more turned than it should be. sigh. As Norma says, Breezy IS half mountain goat, so launching off the back of the sofa as a puppy was bound to land her in trouble. It landed her in her crate for *several* weeks, actually, and leash restriction for months.

dreameyce said...

I really want to know WHO decided red was a 'plain' color in Cardis. I'm really aching for a nice red 'someday'.

I'm making sure to ignore Jacque's litters, since they all make me drool! *sigh* Someday! I just adore my evil, spitfire little bitch, and plan on having another like her someday *G*

Kate said...

Ah, the turn out...waiting to see what happens with that with mine.

Having a dg photo helper sure helps. I'm getting good with the timer. ;)