Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I never would have guessed

-that Sydney has such an affinity for Vall-pups! She's not exactly "best friend" material for the most part. It takes her a while to warm up to new dogs, and even then, she is pretty bossy about how the playtime games are run, etc. When Hawklet arrived, I put him in an Xpen in the living room, and Syd was nearly wiggling her body in half on the other side of the pen. This morning I was holding the Hawklet and let her sniff. She had zero concerns, so I put him down and they were instantly off and running. Amazing to me, especially since Vallhunds are very vocal in play.
Um, did anyone notice Syd let the Hawklet flip her??? Who knew she was such a Vallhund groupie???
And yes, I'm aware that it looks like a tornado came through the living room. For some reason, Vallhund puppies like to drag dog blankets, beds, toys, etc. all into one pile. Both the Vall-pups in residence do this. The tan blanket? Well, that was dragged from Nick's kennel, around the corner from the kitchen, through a baby gate doorway, and into the living room. Oh well, it makes for a cushy play zone!

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