Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sydney, NAP and 2 Open legs!

I'm so proud of Sydney. She went to an agility trial in February, one in March (finished her NJP), got one leg on her HT at a herding trial in April. Then she took Maternity Leave in the spring and summer. I took her to one session of classes, and entered her in the local Labor Day weekend trials.

Syd did really well, picking up an Open Jumpers leg the first and third day, and finishing her NAP the second day. I was proud, as usual, of her willingness to work with me even though we don't train very much.

I need to go back and retrain the teeter, since Syd really hesitated every time on the teeter. So no more Standard until we get a chance to go back to the beginning. :-)

Her puppies went to the trial for a bit to meet new friends and hang out, and her little mini-me daughter had to get in the photo of the happy agility girl!

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