Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back to the Dog Show!

Finally, after lots of work, trials and tribulations, Syd headed back to a dog show. Hawk was entered in Des Moines for their January show, and I decided to enter Syd. Thankfully, though, Don agreed to handle her, as I felt I would be a detriment to my dog. I knew I would be a nervous wreck, and I did not want to express that to my dog.

The weekend went well. Syd was comfortable being with Hawk, and as a bonus her grandpa Harry was at the show, and she loves to hang out with him. Ringside she was more nervous, as there are usually more dogs crowded around. I thought Don did great with her, not allowing her to be stressed or act up. That is probably the best thing I did was to hand her off, as she got the picture from Don pretty quickly that there was no need and no place for misbehaving. He just has that way with the dogs, and if it had been me, Syd would likely have been a raving lunatic!

Sunday Syd was much calmer, and showed very well. She went RWB to a 4 point major, and I was just so thrilled to see her in the ring and comfortable. As an aside, I know my dog, and when she's stressed, her tongue is about 20 times it's normal size, lolling out the side of her mouth. VERY pretty... NOT!
So Syd survived, and I survived also! Hopefully things will continue to improve, and I'll be able to show her myself at some time in the future.

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