Friday, May 23, 2008

Follow up Visit with Dr. Perkins

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but a couple of months ago, I decided to consult with Dr. Perkins about Sydney's insecurities. Dr. Perkins has seen most of my dogs and limits her practice to acupuncture, chiropractic, and TCVM. I took Syd to see Dr. Perkins in hopes of some success from a "quiet the mind" type approach. An acupuncture treatment and an herbal supplement seem to have helped my girl. It did not surprise me at all to hear that by the definition in Eastern medicine, Syd is a "Fire" personality.

Last night, Syd went for a follow up visit to see Dr. Perkins and Syd was completely calm, no panting, no pacing, and accepted the acupuncture treatment with no stress or anxiety. Dr. Perkins was very pleased with Syd's progress, and it was nice to see Syd improved in yet another place where she had previously expressed anxiety.

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