Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Majors- First Weekend Back!

To say I'm speechless is an understatement! This weekend my girl really did me proud. Not only did she behave calmly and comfortably at the local Sunflower Kennel Club dog shows Saturday and Sunday, she won the 4 point major both days! How's that for getting back into the swing of things? :-) A huge thanks to co-owner/breeder Jacque Glenn for showing Syd like a superstar!


beautifulwolf said...

Aww! How old is she? She looks quite a bit like Galaxy... I think she's a little older than Cee?

Sarah said...

Syd was 18 months at the end of June. Born 12/28/06.

dreameyce said...

So Galaxy still has hope! ;0P


Syd is beautiful! I just love that 'black' leg, and have since she was a wee pup!